Time to talk about our organisations!

When becoming an European Solidarity Corpsvolunteer (previously known as European Voluntary Service volunteer), there is so much more than just you in the middle of your dream. And it’s a good, no - even a wonderful thing, that there are people supporting you on that journey!
When it comes to the importance and role of organisations in one European Solidarity Corps voluntary projects, then we must say that there are some things which apply for each volunteer and project and at the very same time, with people being different, the organisations are different and so don’t also the projects look anything similar.
In each European Solidarity Corps (later on ESC) project there is, like we know, the volunteer, who spends two to 12 months abroad, doing something which interests him or her and learns through the most amazing ways it’s possible and gives something from himself/herself to the local community at the same time as well. But next to this volunteer, there are always people and organisa…

Our first podcast episode is OUT!

Hola chicos y chicas!

We are very happy to let you know that our very first podcast episode is out there and waiting all of you to listen!

You can find it HERE!

If you are also intereted in becoming a volunteer or you think that your organisation would be a perfect please for one international volunteer, check out this website and know more:


Fiia y Angela

Blondies at voluntary training

Hola chicos y feliz ano nuevo!

Hi everyone, we are here again with 2020 energy and enthusiasm!

Now is the time to memorize our on-arrival training. Training was held in December in gorgeous Cantabria in North of Spain. Our project include two trainings in Spain; On-arrival training and Mid-term evaluation and now we have experienced the first one. Training took six days and we stayed in hostel with beautiful countryside view with a lake!<3
There was about 25 volunteer around the Spain participating this training. During these six days our schedule looked something like this: my voluntary project, Spanish classes, intercultural night, communication, insurance, visit Santander, evaluation + more!

So we get to know each other's and our countries, we learn more communication skills and Spanish and we visit beautiful city of Santander and important information about insurance.

We are so thankful to be part of this training and had to opportunity to meet other volunteers around the Sp…

Blondies lost in Spain - welcome on board!

Hello, dear readers.

We are Fiia and Angela. Two blondies from the very north of Europe. From beautiful Finland and Estonia. Almost a year ago in February we both decided that it's time for new adventures and we applied for European Solidarity Corps project in Spain. We knew that it means a possibilty of getting accepted to a project of 10 months, living next to a capital city Madrid, in a bit smaller town Majadahonda, working with local youth, teaching them English and meanwhile learning Spanish with all our senses. We both believe that everything goes as it has to and here we are - living in Majadahonda, working in local centro juvenil and calling Spain our home now.

With this very first blogpost we invite you to the journey with us. Fasten the seatbelt and be ready for honest podcast discussions about our work life, choices, beautiful, challenging and teaching moments while living abroad. There will be written post with all the most important information about European Solidari…